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Ethanol and biodiesel mostly

Coleman on Energy

Senator Coleman (R-MN) appeared in the Fergus Falls Daily Journal after giving an energy talk. He spoke about ethanol and energy independence.

As more alternative fuels are developed, more jobs are created. If we stop our dependency on foreign oil, it’s going to drive down fuel prices.

Does anyone has any idea how being less dependent on "foreign" oil will drive down local fuel prices? It seems to me that this is predicated on the belief that oil is expensive right now - which is true compared to its previous price, but not really true when you compare it to its usefulness. Double the price of oil, and purchasing it will still be "worth it."

Do politicians have any idea what it takes to become energy independent? Do they have any idea what the cost would be to replace all our foreign oil purchases with biofuels? I really don't think they do.

I am endlessly entertained by politicians who wax eloquent about free trade and how we need to expand it ... except for in the energy arena. When it comes to energy, we are supposed to believe that trade leaves us worse off. I haven't totally made my mind up on this issue, partly because no one has really addressed it on these terms yet.

I want to encourage ethanol, don't get me wrong. But it cannot work without substantial lifestyle changes in the United States. Ethanol will not help us unless we redevelop our land us patterns - especially here in the sprawling Twin Cities.

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