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Badgersett Field Day!

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Short Description: 

Come learn about woody agriculture and its possibilities!


Badgersett Farm, 18606 Deer Rd, Canton, MN 55922 (Note: This is the mailing address - e.g. Canton is the nearest town with a post office. Badgersett is NOT in downtown Canton. Check the website or the directions below) Directions from the Cities: Take Hwy 52 S, past Rochester. Just outside of Preston, you will see a John Deere dealership on the L. Take the next L (CR 12). Follow this for a few miles (it will merge with 21 for a bit; keep going), and turn R onto CR 23. Badgersett will be on your left. Look for signs.


Badgersett Research Corporation and the Rutter family



Full Description: 

Go to the Field Day webpage for full details: schedule, tour information, items for sale, etc. We've changed the tour format this year -- there will be introductory and advanced tours offered in both the morning and afternoon, so lots of good information.  Hope to see you there!