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Windustry's Wind Energy Center at the Minnesota State Fair!

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Short Description: 

Join Windustry at the EcoExperience at the Minnesota State Fair to educate the public on wind energy issues.


Minnesota State Fair




Free State Fair Admission!

Full Description: 

 Windustry invites you to participate as a volunteer for our Wind Energy Center in the Minnesota State Fair’s exhibit, the EcoExperience. When:Windustry is recruiting volunteers to staff the exhibit for four-hour time slots (9am-1pm, 1pm-5pm, 5pm-9pm) from August 23rd – September 3rd.  Please check your calendar and let Windustry know your name, email, phone number and t-shirt size by Friday, August 10th, 2007.  We will contact you to confirm your specific or assigned volunteer time depending upon the times/dates you're available. Volunteer Benefits:Each volunteer will receive:

  • 1 free admittance ticket to the State Fair Grounds for the day you volunteer
  • A Wind Energy Center t-shirt
  • Invaluable knowledge and experience with wind energy and a chance to meet and interact with great people all while having fun at the fair!

 How: Volunteers will help answer visitor’s questions, point out interesting facts and figures on our signs, and assist them with our interactive displays. Volunteers do not need to be experts in wind energy, as we hope our educational signs and materials will answer most of the Fair-goer’s questions.  We do ask, however, that volunteers participate in one of two orientation sessions held before the fair to better grasp the information displayed at the exhibit or find an alternate time to review the information with Windustry staff members.  The morning and evening orientation sessions will be held the week before the Fair at a location to be determined based on the interest we receive. About the EcoExperience:The EcoExperience, formerly the “Wonders of Technology” in the Progress Center Building, will feature a sustainable house with a functioning rain garden, a live stage, organic food, and cutting edge renewable technologies. Windustry will again have an impressive 123 foot turbine blade in front of the building and a “Wind Energy Center” inside.  About Windustry’s Wind Energy Center:The Wind Energy Center will feature a turbine tower section that visitors will be able to enter to get a feel of the scale of wind power today, as well as some small wind turbines, a weather computer model displaying wind patterns over Minnesota, a Myths and Facts game, and more. Almost all aspects of the exhibit are interactive and Fair-friendly. We need your help to make this exhibit a success in educating an ever-widening audience about the benefits and opportunities of wind energy in Minnesota. So if you want a free ticket to the Fair, a fashionable Windustry t-shirt and a chance to promote wind energy, this opportunity is for you.  See you at the Fair!