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Audio Shows and Climate Change

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Climate Change Graphic

I've found some great audio shows on energy issues - from Cape Wind to climate change. You can listen to these podcasts on your computer or personal audio device.

Diane Rehm is a tremendous journalist on NPR in D.C. She recently did a show on Cape Wind. Wendy Williams and Robert Whitcomb recently published a book about the times and trials of this project off Cape Cod in Massachusetts. Robert Kennedy Jr. called in to provide a counterpoint as the authors saw little reason to halt the project.

One of my favorite podcasts is This Week in Science - a 1 hour, twice a week show off the UC-Davis campus. However, some find the hosts grate on them. I think they are great. In the second half of this show, they interview climatologist Dr. Gavin Schmidt from

This interview goes right after a common argument used by climate-deniers: that scientists only go along with climate change because they would not get grants or be published if they did not. Like many arguments against climate change, it results from a fundamental misunderstanding of how science works.

I also recently found the great site I have dreamed about. New Scientist has an online feature that offers rebuttals to the 26 most common climate change myths. This is really handy!

I hope to start an energista podcast in July or August. I have been hoping to do it for nearly a year now, but I am running out of excuses.