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The Inherent Un-sustainability of WalMart

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When I heard that our favorite web monkey Christopher got a job with the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, I had to check them out, partially because they have a promising name, and partially to be sure they're worthy of him. The first link on their page talks about the fundamental barrier to a Green WalMart, and indeed to a Green big box store of any brand. The big problem is the distribution system. The enormous amount of effort customers expend to get to WalMart and haul their purchases back from WalMart dwarfs all of WalMart's other environmental impacts. And this is an intrinsic element of the way big box retail works. Fewer, bigger stores that consumers drive farther to get to. So, hats off to ILSR for that fine work, and best of luck to Chris while he's working there. Also, read the article, it's a good one, and covers several other important and interesting considerations.