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Laurie David is Too Hot

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Climate Change Graphic

I recently checked out Too Hot Not to Handle from Netflix, not knowing anything about it other than its title and recommendation from the Netflix search engine. Took me until the final credits to realize it was done by Laurie David - who was responsible for An Inconvenient Truth.

This HBO Documentary provides practically no new information to anyone who already knows the science. That being said, this is a useful documentary for those who are new to it and may not be interested in all the science that Al Gore presents. This is much more of a practical explanation of why global warming is bad as opposed to focusing on the why global warming is happening.

It talks about extreme weather events, the greenhouse effect, alternative power, heat waves, viruses and stuff like that. I feel like this was more of an emotional appeal than Gore's carefully reasoned approach. This is not a criticism, because I think the damage caused by global climate change should charge people emotionally.

The best piece I took away from it was its answer to the question of what benefits humans will derive from global climate change. I hate this question, because it suggests that humans should be free to kill off all other species on the planet if we want to. Despite the fact that extincting (my new verb) hurts us in the long run due to the fundamental interconnection of life on earth, humans should not take actions that will harm life on this planet out of a moral imperative as well as pragmatic.

At any rate, this documentary has a good segment on answers to those who claim that global climate change (if they concede it is happening) will improve human life.