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100% Wind Campus

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Nope, not the University of Minnesota but I wanted to take a chance to tout my alma mater a bit. Colorado State University announced that they have committed to making the campus operate 100% on wind power for electricity. This will be done by building a wind farm on university land at the Maxwell Ranch located 30 miles north of Fort Collins, CO. The ranch has a total of 11,600 acres and maintains a herd of Hereford/Angus cross cows.  Capacity will be between 65 and 200 MW. The campus currently uses 16MW peak so there will be spare electricity to sell making this a revenue generator to the tune of about $30 million over the life of the project. The facility will also be used as a research laboratory for wind systems and the ecological and environmental management and integration of them. Area farmers will also be given then opportunity to be involved in the project with turbines located on their land. Supporting information from the Fact Book:

  • Main campus has 579 acres located in Fort Collins, CO, population 134,000
  • There are 24,670 students, 1,460 faculty, 1,378 graduate students, 2,039 admin professionals, 2,035 state classified staff over all campuses (most, by far, are on the main campus)