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Tony Blair: Action Hero!

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That's what Gov. Scharwzeneggar is calling Tony Blair after he unveiled plans to legislate binding emissions cuts in the UK. Under the draft plan, which sounds similar to Minnesota's pending climate legislation, carbon emissions would be cut 26 to 32 percent in 2020 and 60 percent in 2050. There is no specification for how to achieve this cuts, but the bill would encourage consumers to "become energy producers" and includes the usual greater efficiency, renewables, and possibily carbon capture and sequestration. Expanding the nuclear option is also on the table.

This story also alludes to some of our discussion on offsets and self-sacrifice. When pressed, Tony Blair said he would not be giving up vacations anytime soon:

"There is a way that we can be responsible members of society but without trying to get to the stage where you say to people in Europe that you must never travel or take the aeroplane. That is not going to happen...", he said.

This comment was echoed by an environmentalist quoted in the story:

"It is inevitable that we are going to see some drastic changes, but with the right government programme put in place it will not impinge too heavily. For instance, it could mean changing the fuel we put in our cars, or the way energy is produced at source, or more recycling."