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Short Notice: Climate Change Symposium

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Short Description: 

"What Science Really Says About Global Warming"

Featuring: Dr. Patrick Michaels, Research Professor, Environmental Sciences, Univ. of Virginia (and Senior Fellow of the CATO Institute

Dr. E. Calvin Beisner, Asso. Professor of Social Ethics, Knox Theological Seminary & National Spokesman, Interfaith Stewardship Alliance

James Taylor, JD, Senior Fellow, Heartland Institute (a nonprofit organization devoted to discovering and promoting free-market solutions to social and economic problems).


Senator Mike Jungbauer
Representative Tom Emmer
Senator David Haan
Representative Mike Beard


Free - I think

Full Description: 

This event promises to tell us what the science really says about global warming and appears to only feature one scientist. Viewing the web sites of James Taylor and Dr. E. Calvin Beisner reveal common misconceptions and inaccuracies about what the climate science says.

However, Dr. Patrick Michaels appears to have a good handle on the relevant science (judging from an interview I saw with him) but questions just how much we should do to deal with climate change.

The presenters are clearly stacked to represent both the free market response to climate change and climate science deniers.