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Aggregating Energy Since 2006

Minnesota Air, Water, and Waste Environmental Conference (MAWWEC)

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Short Description: 

Hear from others who are making a difference, learn about new trends, and discuss important current and emerging environmental issues as they relate to Minnesota and our region.


Sheraton Hotel 7800 Normandale Boulevard Bloomington , MN 55439 952-835-7800 952-893-8419 (fax) Parking is free at the Sheraton.


Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA)


After 1/31/07 ranges from $145 to $240 for conference and $75 for each training session

Full Description: 

What is this conference about? This three-day event fosters opportunities for professionals in the environmental arena to network, build relationships, and explore new ideas. By bringing together differing viewpoints and discussing the challenges that impact environmental policy and protection, we will all be able to work more effectively and efficiently to better the environment. What you’ll find at the conference: MAWWEC’s focus is on sharing and learning: Pre-conference training day National and local speakers discussing the hottest trends in environmental management. Up to 100 exhibitors Environmental hot topics, regulations, industry-driven issues, new technologies and current/emerging issues in 10 topic tracks: Air quality Demolition Emergency response Environmental innovation Hazardous waste Household hazardous waste Remediation Solid waste Energy and climate change Water quality