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2 Day Short Course: Woody Agriculture: Theory and Practices

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Woody Agriculture is one of the most promising practical ways to deal with global warming, renewable biofuel, and food production in one system. It is a unique approach to agriculture thought out from the ground up, developed for the modern world and the third world. Checkout the website, Dont know why the date is weird, but it's actually on March 31st 2007 at 9:00am. More info below in a badly formatted paragraph (also don't know why)


Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center, Lanesboro, MN


Badgersett Research Corp



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Who Should Attend- Hybrid Hazelnut growers and potential growers; Extension education personnel; graduate students; academic faculty; hybrid Chestnut growers.  Cost: $250 before March 15; late registration fee $35 Includes 1 night lodging and 5 meals, starting with breakfast on Saturday. Additional nights lodging available at $15/night.  Classes start promptly at 9 AM on Saturday, finish at 4 PM Sunday. Space is limited, so we do recommend registering as soon as possible. Send fees and participant information (address/phone/email) to: Badgersett Farm Woody Agriculture Short Course, 18606 Deer Road, Canton, MN 55922 --------------------------------------- This is the second year this course has been offered, so details of the content are still subject to update. Syllabus below may change slightly. While much of the course material this year will be the same as last, there will be some changes.  There will be segments on chestnut biology and culture, a very short segment on the hybrid hickories, and a moderate segment on marketing.  Several of the participants from last year are intending to attend this year also. The class is intended to be an annual event, and to become the beginning of the certification process that will be necessary for the franchised nurseries/growers now being discussed. This year's Saturday dinner coincides with a "Dinner on the Bluff" event; an enjoyable gourmet dinner and lecture, and plenty of folks from outside our own group.  That's partly responsible for the slightly higher cost this year, but well worth it. Weather permitting, those who can stay for the Monday following the course are invited to tour the plantings at Badgersett Farm, for informal observation and discussions. First Day classes will focus on Woody Agriculture theory, and will include: Woody Agriculture System Energetics; Hybrid Swarm Genetics; breeding and selection; Hazelnut Biology - plant morphology, physiology, genetics, species ecology, Pest Management; mammals, birds, insects, fungi; Harvest, hand and machine; Post Harvest - processing, storage. Second Day classes will focus on specific practices with Badgersett Hybrid Bush Hazels, including various paths tried, failures and successes. The intention is to describe the state of the art, with suggestions for specific paths to be tried. Included will be: Field Planning Establishment Field Maintenance/Management: years 1- 10; 10-20 Field Renovation: Coppice and other Cloning - high and low tech - we will examine actual plants in class.  Harvest - details of hand harvesting.  Post Harvest handling - this will include all class members participating in cracking, analyzing, and taste-testing hazelnuts. It is not recommended to attend only one day. Instructor: Philip A. Rutter, MS; Founder, Badgersett Research Corporation Founding President, The American Chestnut Foundation; Past President, Northern Nut Growers Association. Mr. Rutter created the concept, and coined the phrase "Woody Agriculture", and is the originator of the "poly-hybrid swarm" breeding technique.