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RES Almost There

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MEP's John Tuma wrote last week about the RES at the Capitol and upcoming energy related legislation. Looks like the whole House will discuss the RES today.

While both V and I have been frustrated with House Chairman Hilty's indulgence of off-topic testimony, Tuma found much to laud in his first 2 months as Chair:

I have to say as an old political veteran that I was very impressed with how well Rep. Peterson and the committee chair, Bill Hilty (DFL-Finlayson), handled the situation. As a first-time chair, this was the opening big test on how Rep. Hilty will be able to handle difficult issues. He ran the committee with grace, but with a clear conviction of where he was going. With other major energy issues ahead of us that will present even greater challenges, Chairman Hilty’s show of firm leadership with his committee is a positive sign.

Tuma thinks the next big energy tasks are the Global Warming bill and biofuels.