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House passes RES!

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So I'm sure that Mitchell will post an extended recount of what happened at the hearing today, once he feels better and has a chance to listen in, but I will post the basics now.  Peterson did choose to adopt the Senate language, and despite the efforts of Westrom (4 amendments) and Hackbarth (1 amendment), he and Hilty were successful in getting it passed through committee - with only one nay (wasn't in roll call, so I can't say for sure, but I think it was Hackbarth...).  We are days away from a RES (that begins in 2010)!

In other news, there was one testifier at today's hearing, and boy was he interesting...  A retired mechanical engineer who wanted to know why Minnesota legislators were squandering taxpayer dollars on "renewable energies" when it was obvious that global warming isn't human caused (it's part of the "normal 1500 year cycle" and has something to do with water evaporation.. didn't understand that part very well).  Instead of focusing so much on renewables, we should be spending money on alternative energy -- his stellar example was gasoline from coal (yes, you read that right - coal), which apparently can be generated at 50 cents per gallon.  Why the man thought that coal, a fossil fuel, was alternative is beyond my comprehension.