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Aggregating Energy Since 2006

Midwest Climate Action Conference

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Short Description: 

A gathering of youth leaders from across the Midwest to discuss collaborative strategies for bringing global warming solutions to the Midwest featuring skill trainings, issue focuses, and action planning.


University of Wisconsin in Madison WI


The Energy Action Coalition; The Student PIRGS; Global Exchange; The Apollo Alliance; The Sierra Student Coalition


$15-$50 sliding scale

Full Description: 

Global warming is the biggest threat of the 21st century, and there is little time to act. As students, we believe that we should take the lead in addressing the issue in the Midwest by promoting its clean energy potential on our campuses.

In the wake of last year’s conference success, we want to keep organizing to promote clean energy initiatives and defining a clean energy future. The 2007 Midwest Climate Action Conference will gather students from campuses all around the Midwest to exchange ideas, attend briefings on climate and energy policy, and organize coordinated actions to promote clean energy on their campuses.

Sponsored by the Energy Action Coalition, the first Midwest Climate Action conference, held in Madison, WI in March 2006 was a huge success. It drew 246 students from 12 states and 31 campuses and featured three keynotes speakers from the Midwest and the world, a choice of more than a dozen workshop sessions, as well as an action in the local community. It was also a unique opportunity to network with other environmentally-minded students from the Midwest that we want to make available again, with a focus on building a regional network and improving coordination of actions in Midwestern campuses.

The 2007 Midwest Climate Action Conference will feature:

Basic and advanced-skill trainings by professional grassroots organizers and energy policy experts on: Student/administrators relations with a focus on direct action, Development of community energym and Biodiesel

Forums and panel discussions on: The Campus Climate Challenge and the Energy Action Coalition effort to get 500 Universities to reduce their greenhouse gases emissions by 90% by 2050.

Successful campus energy efficiency campaigns

Opportunities to: Participate in organizing a regional campaign throughout the Midwest, Network with other students from various organizations, Improve your knowledge and get new perspectives on global warming.