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Risk and Response: Climate Change Conference

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Risk and Response to Global Warming and Environmental Change: Lessons from Cross-National and Global Social Science Research


Cowles Auditorium, Humphrey Institute, University of Minnesota. 301 19th Avenue South, Minneapolis


Institute for Global Studies, Department of Sociology, Institute for Advanced Study, UM Graduate School Intercollegiate Research Grant, Institute for Research on Energy and the Environment, ICGC, Department of Political Science, UM Climate Change Network, Humphrey Institute, Institute on the Environment


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The threat of global climate change looms over the entire planet. Why do
some nations’ governments take action while others deny that the problem
even exists? The scientific facts of global warming are well known, but the
more basic social science question is seldom addressed: what social
institutions and conditions help governments and the public trust science,
admit risks more clearly, and respond effectively to fix global warming?
The conference will bring together social scientists from around the world
to investigate that very question. Leading scholars will present
conclusions from their global and comparative cross-national research