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Hot Fuel?

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Have you heard of "hot fuel?" The Free Press of Mankato has - and they are not happy about it.

Simple physics requires that when gasoline heats up, it expands, reducing the amount of energy in a standard U.S. gallon.

Government rules require that U.S. gasoline be priced at a measure of 231 cubic inches per gallon, or the measure of a gallon at 60 degrees. When gasoline becomes warmer than that, say at 90 degrees, it expands to 235 cubic inches per gallon, but Americans are charged for the 231 cubic inches, which contains less energy.

What a TOTAL RIP OFF! Can you believe how many different ways we consumers are getting screwed? Sometimes I think the whole world is out to get us.

Put simply, for every degree the gasoline is over 60, the energy in one gallon is less. That, according to an investigation by the Kansas City Star, costs consumers $2.3 billion per year.

$2.3 billion per year?? Wow, that must work out to between $10 and $30 per consumer per year (depending on how many people in the U.S. purchase gas). Perhaps as high as $40 per year!!!

This really seems quite inconsequential to me. The energy required to retrofit all the pumps in this country to sell fuel based on temperature seems like a total waste of resources to save tens of dollars per year. Especially when this problem falls greater on those who purchased fuel inefficient vehicles.