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Aggregating Energy Since 2006

About Us

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Energista! is a collaborative project to distribute and analyze energy news. Most of the contributors live and work in Minnesota in the Twin Cities.

This site is not funded by any organization or company. We run a modest operation that is funded by small contributions from anyone who wants to support. The remainder is made by christopher mitchell, who has a weakness for fun technological projects. We have no plans to rely on advertising or sponsorship that would influence our point of view.

Energista! began in May, 2006, when several students studying energy policy decided to set up a site so they could continue to follow and discuss energy issues. The site survived the summer and we migrated to this codebase for better features.

Starting in September, 2006, we started to approach people in the area who work in the energy field to get more perspectives and better discussions on the site. If you are interested in getting involved in this site, create an account and get involved in discussions.

Those of us who admin this site lean very strongly toward free speech - but we will not tolerate ad hominem attacks or material that is blatantly off topic. This is a community and we expect a level of respect for each other.  Comments should be related to the post they appear below.

We expect a fair amount of disagreement on different topics but expect that you will not write anything you wouldn't say to someone's face. And for some of us, don't write things that you would say to someone's face!

At the same time, do not be quick to take offense if someone disagrees with you. You always have the option to rebut by replying on the site or to the person if they have left contact information.

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, please drop us an email.